Who I am

I call myself a Digital Content Creative which basically means, I'm a "Jill of all trades" kinds a gal when it comes to online marketing. However, I'm not a "master of none."

All I do is based on my expertise as a writer. Check out my credentials on LinkedIn  for my education and work background.  

I've created my personal brand, which is what you're looking at now, and help other brands create what I have done with my own. So you can look at my brand as my pioneer client, I can duplicate all of these for your own. 

In a nutshell, I think like a writer, market like a hustler, and work like an entrepreneur. 

Check out the list of things we can do together and don't forget to shoot me an email at the end!

What I do

Freelance Gigs

  • Social Media Marketer
  • Digital Marketing Associate
  • Digital Content Manager
  • In-House Blog Writer/Editor


  • Art of Hustle: Grow Your Side Hustle Into a Full Time Freelance Gig
  • Social Media Content Ideas
  • Soon: Social Media for Your Business
  • Soon: Blogging for Your Business

Solo Sessions: Consultancy

I conduct one-on-one sessions for people who need help on their freelance business, social media accounts, and blogs.  

Blog & Social Media Influencer Engagements

Want me to be your brand's online advocate? Want to get featured on my blog or Instagram? Want me to add your cafe or co-working space in my database? Yes, yes, and yes. 

#CofficeHunter Shop Partnerships *soon*

This online space will soon house a "shop" page for things #cofficehunters, freelancers, and remote workers find useful. 



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