New Salon At SM Light Mall: Flirt Waxing Lounge

I'll go a bit TMI in this blog post because we need to talk about it--pubic hair that is. Yes, if you're a woman age 21 and up, you'll be a bit conscious about this, especially the one down there.

Actually, I started getting conscious about mine when I was 18 and my friends were too, so we decided to get a Brazilian wax and from there I  committed to it. I continuously have sessions every 2 months. It just makes me feel comfortable to have it clean and smooth like a baby's butt! Plus it lessens the itch. (Yes boys, we experience that too)

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Due to lack of prime waxing salon options, I stayed loyal to a commercial waxing salon  that gave inconsistent service. If I stick to the branch I always go to, I would be totally happy with the service but since I'm always on the go, I had to try their other branches that didn't exactly deliver. So I'm happy to have met Flirt Waxing Lounge!

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Flirt Waxing Lounge has 3 branches. Their main branch is  in Kapitolyo that offers the whole shebang: waxing, nail care, and massages. The second one is in Guevent Bldg. that offers all 3 services too. The third and newest one is their  SM Light Mall Branch that is exclusively for waxing services.

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I went to their Light Mall branch, and since it was also my first time in the mall as well, I found the place the perfect one for me--clean, quiet, and not crowded. The salons were all hidden in one area, behind the elevator of the second floor, that made it great location for having my me/waxing time. (haha)

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I loved the interiors too. Modern glam with a bit of quirkyness to it. And that sofa was mighty comfortable too.

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I particularly like the doors of the waxing rooms as they had labels to it, mine's "sexy", which was what I felt after my waxing session. *wink wink* flirt waxing lounge app-tinthescribbler (6) flirt waxing lounge app-tinthescribbler (4)

The rooms were like usual salon rooms. It was a bit small but it was clean and comforting. flirt waxing lounge app-tinthescribbler (5)

However, the sight of the hot wax kinda shocked me. I forgot that it was my first time to try it! I felt nervous at first, but Ate Cherry told me that hot wax is better than cold wax because the temperature opens up the pores, making the whole process a lot more tolerable than dealing with cold wax. Hot wax gets a better grip of the hair making it better at removing coarse and short hair. It does not leave a sticky residue, there is less reddening of the skin, and it kills dead skin cells in the process.

So I had my armpit and Brazilian wax done and Ate Cherry was right, hot wax is indeed better than cold. I am now a convert! Plus, it took me less than 30 mins, which means I was really able to tolerate the pain better.  flirt waxing lounge app-tinthescribbler (13)

If you happen to be near SM Light Mall, pass by the Flirt Waxing Lounge and give their waxing services a try! Or better yet,  book your session first via their app. You can download it on your Android or iOS mobile phones. The app also functions as a loyalty card, coupon bank, it shows their services, and so much more!

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